Do these videos make any suggestions or assumptions about women?

Of the eighteen videos within this archive, one titled “Strictly Personal” is exclusively catered towards women and speaks to women’s health , among other feminine “issues” and advice that the creator of this film thought that women should be made aware of.

Searching the script corpus for command/warning/advice terms such as ” do , don’t, should, shouldn’t, must/mustn’t, ought” and assessing concordance yielded interesting results.

Strictly Personal


Out of the 75 instances in which the word “not” appeared within the entire corpus, 25% of the instances occurred in the sole video created for women in the context of commands. After assessing concordance, a higher prevalence of command language was present in this this video compared to others within the corpus.

“Strictly Personal” featured the 2nd highest occurrence of the word “should” within the corpus, all its usages were tied to commands/advice about bodily upkeep and presentation. In contrast, the video featuring the highest usage of “should” –It’s Up to You: Dengue-Yellow Fever Control is used in the context of procedural directions and commands for preventing mosquito breeding and the spread of malaria

comparing “Strictly Personal” to “Commandments for Health: Personal Cleanliness” a personal hygiene & cleanliness film
comparing “Strictly Personal” to “Commandments for Health: Use Your Head” a hygiene and safety film

notable words that appear in “Strictly Personal” but not present in other general health & hygiene-related videos: calories, weight, exercise, physical, shape, posture

Phrases Featuring Commands from “Strictly Personal”

“If you wear your hair short, it should be cut and shaped often. Snip away the hangovers from the last permanent.”

Since the proper use of cosmetics is an art in itself, we’ll shift the scene to Hollywood and have an authority on beautifying feminine faces show you how you should make the most of your face.

Never use makeup as a mask. Use it to bring out, not to hide the natural freshness of your skin, and use it conservatively. Makeup goes on smoother, looks more natural, with a foundation cream or liquid. It provides a lasting makeup and protects the skin against wind and sun.The wrong use of rouge can make a woman look hard or clownish.

“To be effective, rouge and powder should not be detectable. Never use too much rouge; you can always add more, but you can’t cover it.”

“Application of rouge depends on correct placement. Cream rouge should be applied with the fingers and blended until no line of demarcation is noticeable.”

Never use an elongated field of rouge on the oblong face. Always use a circle.”

Never use a circle on the round or square face. Use an elongated field to create the illusion of length.”

“One should always choose a powder that gives warmth and brightness to the skin.”

Never powder a large nose first. It will become a highlight.”

Don’t try to improve on nature with one of those thick Ubangi mouths.”

“Follow the natural line of the lips and don’t use exotic lip shades; they are not chic, and they are certainly not G.I.”

Don’t tamper with the natural line of your eyebrow.”

Lipstick smears on handkerchiefs and lipstick rings on cups are not appealing.

Commands in: It’s Up to You: Dengue-Yellow Fever Control

“Any container capable of catching water is a potential mosquito breeding place
and should be immediately destroyed or emptied and turned bottoms up.”

“Discarded containers of this type should always be given to salvage and garbage collectors
without delay.”
“All drinking pans should be emptied and washed at least twice a week.”

“All water plant receptacles in the home should be emptied and scrubbed twice a week.”
“The stems of the plant should be carefully rinsed to remove any remaining mosquito”

Criminal at Large: Malaria

The terms “she”, “her”, “her’s”, “female”, “woman”, “women”, “dame”, “lady”, “ladies” and “female” were searched within the entire corpus. Criminal at Large: Malaria had the most prevalent occurrence of “female”, “she” and “her’s” within the entire corpus.

The narrative of the video follows Anne, a female Anopheles mosquito that spreads Malaria. Concordance analysis shows that throughout the film, phrases are used to personify Anne and depict the mosquito as evil and menacing. The filmmakers may have taken advantage of the fact that only female Anopheles mosquitos transmit Malaria in order to establish and exaggerate this narrative.

Doctor: “She’s a robber and a killer. She murders millions of people each year.It’s time people got wise to the Anopheles Mosquito and the Health Department will be glad to help you expose her.”

“But the female, she’s bloodthirsty.”
“Sam: Then it’s the female you have to be on guard against! uh huh!”

Is she a pistol-packing gun moll, a bubble dancer, or uh, or, or uh a beautiful spy?

She’s dangerous. Get her before she gets you. An-An-Anopheles Mosquito spreads malaria.”

Collocates Graph of the word “female” within the script